Hello, We are Tylcham Studios s.r.o.

Tylcham Studios s.r.o. was founded in 2014 by two friends from school. Now we are a development company of 6 people. We have developed tens of applications for iOS or Android devices and plenty of websites or web applications. We can do any work in Java, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, GO, PHP/HTML or in Unity.

Our bigger works are Appdown (Appdown.me, 2014-*), a reward application for iOS and Android devices with more than a Million users, Brain-Battle (Brain-Battle.com, 2016-*), really big complex online word game for iOS, Android and Web, or Offito (Offito.com, 2017-*), a reward application platform (PaaS) for iOS or Android devices with more than 100 reward applications built on it. You can take a look on other work in the list below.

Offito (PaaS)

Brain Battle (Android | iOS | FB | Web)

Canteen (iOS)

GiftsWall (Android | Web)

GoPappy (Android)

Crazy Cash Rewards (Android | Web)

Gifill (Android | Web)

Appdown (Android | Web)

One Touch Ball (Android | iOS)

Rabbit Jump (Android | iOS)